I’m going to re-begin work on one of my dormant TF2 map projects, DR_hourglass.

This map will be a DEATHRUN game where the one team is pitted against a single enemy, who instead of fighting them with super powers or super HP, uses traps set out in the path of the other team to try an stop them from reaching him/her.

Unlike Factory I’m not going to keep it on the quiet, hiding it all from everyone till it finally done. This map will need refinement to get the balance right, to get the spacing of traps right and other key things.

I’ve set a date of Saturday 4th May as the first of a hopefully 2-3 monthly cycle where I release a beta version of the map, get some community testing and feedback which helps the next beta release 2-3 months later. We would keep going with this till the map reaches a high enough play standard to be publicly released.

I’ll post more details about the betas near the time, but for now you should see me returning to Source SDK / Hammer, or if you like you can catch up on the forum thread here – http://gmodtech.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=850

UPDATE: I’ve added this FIRST LOOK photo of the map!

DR_hourglass_Beta01 - First Look

Click to Enlarge

[GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On February - 20 - 2013

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  1. iZyren says:

    i have played some deathrun on css. it is really entertaining bceause there is this one person that controls buttons to diffrent machines that is in the other teams path. the other team haz one objective : to get to the end get a wep and kill the controlling guy.

    also scout would be cheating to have as a class. it would be best if everyone was a spy or something.

    • iZyren says:

      in that i mean im looking forward to it ;D

    • In this version, all the blues need to do in order to win is kill the red player inside the booth OR enter the booth. It currently uses CP logic with an extra long respawn time to stop blues rejoining. It doesn’t have any way of selecting which player gets to be red yet, or stopping more than one player from joining red team!

  2. Added a screenshot of an early version. Its not even got a full set of traps yet!

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