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Website Overhaul
These forums were once a busy and important place in Gmodtech, and I want to bring it back to being just that.

Over the next week I will be porting all of the written guides from the Steam group and updating any existing posts here. I want the same information available in both places.

I also plan to do a prune of 'lurker' users who have registered but have yet to open a thread or reply to an existing thread.

[Image: CXc3ePV.png]
Posted by: [GmT] Werewolf [GBUK] - 02-09-2016, 04:53 PM - Forum: Server News Print
New Steam Login
As you might be aware, we have introduced a new way of managing the logins to our forums. All logins will now go through Steam itself!

Previous forum users
If you were a member of these forums before this new system, then you can still login to your old forum account by entering your correct user/pass. However you are welcome to create a new account which is linked to Steam. We can then merge your new and old forum accounts for you.

Please note that Steam does not send us any of your Steam account info. We simply use Steam to check if you have an account or not. We do not store your Steam password, e-mail, username or anything else.

If you would like your Steam forum account merged with your previous forum account, please post the following info below

Old forum username: 
New forum username:
Posted by: Snaggle - 17-01-2016, 03:28 PM - Forum: Server News 8 comments Print