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Better late than never, that’s what they say right? Well after some unexpected issues packing custom content into the map, Beta05 is finally ready for launch. Beta05 Change Log 1) Hopefully fixed players being stuck in various doors. Some doors have point_teleports added to teleport players a short way out of the way if they block the doors moving. 2) Added in the first two duelling areas: Duelling Area 1 – Pyro’s Tennis ~ The game requires a minimum of […]

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Its Beta day! This evening we will be updating the Hotel server from beta03 to beta04. We will also be moving a couple slots from the Factory server over to the Hotel server. Both servers will close at 7:55pm and re-open at 8:00pm. The whole change log is too long to post here, but the highlights of the update include: Fixed a whole load of issues with the doors and areaportals. Updated lots of textures Fixed the missing sounds. Added […]

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Today’s the day! As of 8pm tonight, the Hotel server will be open to the public! As I am sure a lot of you will have questions about the map and server, I have compiled this little FAQ. If you have a question you want to see answered, then reply to this post or email me directly, and I will add them to this list. How big is the server going to be? We are going to start off with […]

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As a little austerity measure for us we have moved our second strange lanes server to our primary host, however the server is exactly the same, the only thing that has changed is the IP:  You may notice that the server is also active at the old IP, however we have setup an automatic redirect on there that will boot you over to the new server  That server will stay up for another 2 weeks or so for reference  […]

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Hello internet. So right now I have filled 2 out of 3 promises. I delivered DR_Hourglass and Achievement_Botfarm. Now its time to complete the 3rd promise. Getting the hotel done is going to be a bigger task though. It’s planned to be a big map with various features that will need testing. With the close of the Freak Fortress 2 server we have extra slots that are going spare. I would like to use those slots to create a BETA […]

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A few weeks ago I made you a promise. That I would finish and update old projects before moving on with other stuff. First on that list was the update to Botfarm. Of course I had tried to deliver the map back in January, but that version of the map suffered heavy trigger lag, making it unusable. So to try and get the map playable, I took a hard look at what was needed and what things were just extra […]

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As of this weekend we are officially putting a fully functioning CS:GO trial server into action This trial server will run for a few weeks where we will monitor the playtime to see if people enjoy coming to it This server will host the default Valve CSGO maps along with a map remake from a friend of mine, H.Grunt ( ) It is a remake of the classic Backalley map and is very fun for close quarters Server IP […]

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Lets not kid ourselves here. I’ve announced many map projects, but not delivered on many of them. I have decided that I need to clear out the backlog, get what I have said done before continuing any more new projects. So for each map, here is the current state it is in and what I am doing to get them done. Botfarm_V7 This one I did technically deliver back in January but it failed hard. It seems that the map […]

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Ladies and gentleman, we present to you an update for the surf server as the name is mentioned on this logo up here, which features some major changes and new stuff for it!! This update adds 9 new maps to the server. You may explore the lands of the ancient Mayans with Pyramids on it, the spooky world with a tiniest mansion that is unrealistically large from the inside or even a world where anything you slide is shaped of […]

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Hi Regulars to our servers may have noticed they are recieving map missing errors on joining and that they cannot get on our servers and play, we would like you to know that we are fully aware of this and are working to get our download server back up and running ASAP We will update further when we can Thanks UPDATE: Fixed

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Botfarm - achievement_botfarm_v7b
Factory - achievement_factory_v2
Surf - surf_snow_arena_v2
Deathrun - dr_may_fixed3
Strange Farming #1 - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3
Strange Farming #2 - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3
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