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At last I can say the end is in sight. The map is being optimized and the file size being reduced as much as possible to make the whole thing run as smoothly as possible. But I have to ask before I go any further, for any and all comments. If you have experienced any sort of bug, lag, ping spike, missing texture, odd reflection – whatever – if you have seen ANYTHING on the map you think was not […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Aug - 17 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

DR_Bank is 95% done! Well, I hope it is. After 7 different beta versions and an 8th in development, it seems the regular players have given me as much information as possible. No more bugs are being found, the meta-game seems to have settled and the map is constantly on the “Previously played” list, meaning as soon as it becomes available to play, people vote for it. Which on the one hand its great to see it popular, but on […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Aug - 8 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

As a great large minigun wielding bald man once said, was good trip!. It’s been a very good trip and it has been a very unexpected one as well. Starting off with a small group and a Garry’s Mod server, the group has grown and grown and far exceeded anything I could of imagined it being. But now is the time for me to take a step back from the group and focus on other things. These last few years […]

Posted by Snaggle [UK] On Jul - 11 - 2014 3 Comments READ FULL POST
Botfarm - achievement_botfarmv6a
Factory - achievement_factory_v2
Strange Farming - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3
Surf Rotation - surf_telstar_b4
Freak Fortress 2 - arena_dropdown_rc1
Deathrun - dr_void_vfinal
Zombie Fortress - dr_bank_v1
Strange Farming #2 - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3