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As a great large minigun wielding bald man once said, was good trip!. It’s been a very good trip and it has been a very unexpected one as well. Starting off with a small group and a Garry’s Mod server, the group has grown and grown and far exceeded anything I could of imagined it being. But now is the time for me to take a step back from the group and focus on other things. These last few years […]

Posted by Snaggle [UK] On Jul - 11 - 2014 2 Comments READ FULL POST

Werewolf here, back from watching_dogs. The last time you really heard from me I had released dr_bank_beta04, which flopped hard. The map caused players to crash on mass and was very unplayable. Since then I needed to take a break from mapping and TF2, and I did that though watch_dogs. Recently though, I have got back into mapping again and the first thing I have done is fixed the crash issue (I hope). It seems a small texture file I […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Jun - 7 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST
Yeah... this is not what you are meant to see...

So dr_bank_beta has been up on out deathrun server for a couple of weeks now. I hope you have all enjoyed playing it, which seems to be the case as when ever I join the server, its always in the ‘Previously played’ list, and pretty much comes up for as soon as its off that list! Now I have been working on the map since its release based on what I have seen happen and what people have told me. […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Apr - 1 - 2014 14 Comments READ FULL POST
Botfarm - achievement_botfarmv6a
Factory - achievement_factory_v2
Strange Farming - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3
Surf Rotation - surf_tf_japan_v1
Freak Fortress 2 - vsh_2fortdesk_v8
Deathrun - dr_wolfenstein_v1_2
Zombie Fortress - zf_asylum_b2
Strange Farming #2 - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3