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Hi Regulars to our servers may have noticed they are recieving map missing errors on joining and that they cannot get on our servers and play, we would like you to know that we are fully aware of this and are working to get our download server back up and running ASAP We will update further when we can Thanks UPDATE: Fixed

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We know that many of you like to entertain others. You come tell jokes to each other and you should see the random chat log thread on the forums!! We’ve said before that some of you should try stand up comedy. Well what do you know, now we have a place to do it! I’ve made a new custom map that will allow you to do just that! It uses the deathrun plugin so that one player will be picked […]

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28 JANUARY – [GMT] WEREWOLF [GB/UK] After much testing, we think we have found the cause of the crash AND fixed it. Thanks to Ozotuh, we have identified the computer props at the far end to be the main problem. These are the ones that form the source of the DDoS trap. We know this from private tests where we removed various props and made a note of when Ozotuh crashed, as well as me going over recorded footage of […]

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Yeah its been a while hasn’t it? That screenshot up there was taken back in July 2014, and now I’m coming back to it 7 months later. So what is there to tell? In short, you’re all going to become James Bond..! Allow me to explain. The Inspiration I don’t like making plain deathrun maps. Maps like DR_Tantrum and DR_supermario64 are brilliant maps that are fun to play but I personally can’t ever escape a particular thought from the back […]

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Recently anyone who plays on our servers regularly may have noticed big problems with lag and disconnections over the past few days, and its particularly bad today Please be informed that we are infact working on trying to fix these problems and are not infact in the Bahamas with your donation money So we’re officially warning you that you may have disruptions if you play on the servers until we find out what the actual cause of these problems are […]

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Ever since Snaggle left us all with a snaggle shaped hole in our hearts a while back Werewolf has asked for permission to update the classic botfarm map we all know and love The map is still in beta and can be played whenever we hold a beta test, joining our steam group will allow us to notify you of when we are running one, so make sure to join IP – The full update thead can be found […]

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Core update We’ve updated the FF2 server to the latest version (1.10.2) which should fix some exploits and other issues. Unfortunately this update seems to have broken the donor perk of being able to pick your boss, but we hope to get that fixed ASAP. New Map We have 1 new map to the rotation – arena_goldtooth_rc1 New Bosses! The following bosses have been added to the rosta: Darth Vader (named “dark vader” by the person who made it) Freddy […]

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As a great large minigun wielding bald man once said, was good trip!. It’s been a very good trip and it has been a very unexpected one as well. Starting off with a small group and a Garry’s Mod server, the group has grown and grown and far exceeded anything I could of imagined it being. But now is the time for me to take a step back from the group and focus on other things. These last few years […]

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Here is a nice quick update for you guys to sink your teeth into! Zombie Fortress Last week we closed down our usually empty and quiet Stock server and remade it into a Zombie Fortress server! The gamemode puts a team of Survivors against a team of Zombies. Survivors must complete the various tasks, or simply survive against the Zombies to win! Zombie Fortress has a bunch of custom made maps we’ll be using and hopefully adding more features as […]

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In 2010 when I setup our first TF2 server, I never would of imagined that in 3 years we would have 7 servers (another on the way) and a group with 3500+ members. But as we grow, the costs of the group grow as well. Over the last few years, Donations from players have helped to cover some of the costs of running the group and the rest is covered out of my own pocket. While I don’t mind doing […]

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Botfarm - achievement_botfarmV6a
Factory - achievement_factory_v2
Strange Farming - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3
Surf Rotation - surf_horizon_v3
Freak Fortress 2 - arena_artefact_v3
Deathrun - dr_hourglass_beta06
Zombie Fortress - vsh_dr_openmic
Strange Farming #2 - ach_idle_strange_lanes_v3