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I want to thank you all for EVERY comment I have gotten about DR_Bank. Most of your comments have been positive and when they have not I have tried to work on what you have said. I’ve been checking the chat logs for when the map has been played to see what people have said when I was no online, and when I have been playing with others I have used FRAPS to record everything just in case something happens […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Sep - 20 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

At last I can say the end is in sight. The map is being optimized and the file size being reduced as much as possible to make the whole thing run as smoothly as possible. But I have to ask before I go any further, for any and all comments. If you have experienced any sort of bug, lag, ping spike, missing texture, odd reflection – whatever – if you have seen ANYTHING on the map you think was not […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Aug - 17 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

DR_Bank is 95% done! Well, I hope it is. After 7 different beta versions and an 8th in development, it seems the regular players have given me as much information as possible. No more bugs are being found, the meta-game seems to have settled and the map is constantly on the “Previously played” list, meaning as soon as it becomes available to play, people vote for it. Which on the one hand its great to see it popular, but on […]

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As a great large minigun wielding bald man once said, was good trip!. It’s been a very good trip and it has been a very unexpected one as well. Starting off with a small group and a Garry’s Mod server, the group has grown and grown and far exceeded anything I could of imagined it being. But now is the time for me to take a step back from the group and focus on other things. These last few years […]

Posted by Snaggle [UK] On Jul - 11 - 2014 3 Comments READ FULL POST

Werewolf here, back from watching_dogs. The last time you really heard from me I had released dr_bank_beta04, which flopped hard. The map caused players to crash on mass and was very unplayable. Since then I needed to take a break from mapping and TF2, and I did that though watch_dogs. Recently though, I have got back into mapping again and the first thing I have done is fixed the crash issue (I hope). It seems a small texture file I […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Jun - 7 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST
Yeah... this is not what you are meant to see...

So dr_bank_beta has been up on out deathrun server for a couple of weeks now. I hope you have all enjoyed playing it, which seems to be the case as when ever I join the server, its always in the ‘Previously played’ list, and pretty much comes up for as soon as its off that list! Now I have been working on the map since its release based on what I have seen happen and what people have told me. […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Apr - 1 - 2014 14 Comments READ FULL POST

While I type this, I am loading up 192GB of FRAPS video files, so I can post a video about the beta test I just did on YouTube. By the time this post gets published, the video will be up. Oh and yes, you read that file size right. One hundred and ninety two gigabytes of video. Not MB, GB! Even I am amazed at how big of a recording they ended up being! All in all, I think the […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Mar - 23 - 2014 3 Comments READ FULL POST

As you may know, I have been working on another Deathrun map for quite a while now, namely DR_Bank. More recently I had planned to run a public beta test but due to some IRL events out of my control, I won’t be around for when I had planned to do the test. Therefore I have put it back a week for when I will be around. In the mean time, let me tell you about the map. Map Features: […]

Posted by [GmT] Werewolf [UK/GB] On Mar - 14 - 2014 2 Comments READ FULL POST
hl2 2014-02-26 13-23-45-44

Here is a nice quick update for you guys to sink your teeth into! Zombie Fortress Last week we closed down our usually empty and quiet Stock server and remade it into a Zombie Fortress server! The gamemode puts a team of Survivors against a team of Zombies. Survivors must complete the various tasks, or simply survive against the Zombies to win! Zombie Fortress has a bunch of custom made maps we’ll be using and hopefully adding more features as […]

Posted by Snaggle [UK] On Feb - 26 - 2014 3 Comments READ FULL POST

In 2010 when I setup our first TF2 server, I never would of imagined that in 3 years we would have 7 servers (another on the way) and a group with 3500+ members. But as we grow, the costs of the group grow as well. Over the last few years, Donations from players have helped to cover some of the costs of running the group and the rest is covered out of my own pocket. While I don’t mind doing […]

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